Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What equipment does my child need to play soccer?

To start playing the game, your child needs to wear appropriately sized shin pads with socks covering the entire length of the shin pad. For the U4 age groups, soccer cleats are not recommended - a pair of running shoes will do.

Q. How long do the games last?

The games differ in length depending on the age group and shall be divided into two equal halves:

  • 4U do skills & drills for 20mins then play two-10 minute halves

  • 6-8&U play two-20 minute halves with a 5 minute break (total game time of 45 minutes).

  • 10-12&U play two-25 minute halves with a 5 minute break (total game time of 55 minutes).

  • Games MUST be finished by 7:25 pm regardless of when they start so older team games can start on time.

  • 14-18&U play two-25 minute halves with a 5 minute break (total game time of 55 minutes).

  • 16-18&U may choose to play two-30 or 45 minute halves with a 5 minute break. Referee will determine game time played. Coaches to check with referee.

Please see the official TAYSA Outdoor Rules for the complete document.

Q. How can I tell whether a game is cancelled or postponed due to bad weather?

Cancellations will be posted on the website by 5:00pm on the day of the game. Coaches will determine safety of field conditions after 5:00pm, for example due to deteriorating conditions, and advise their team and opposition before or during the scheduled game. Thunder and lightning are grounds for immediate game cancellation.

Q. How do I know which field my child plays on?

Check the schedule for your child's age group which identifies on which field the game is being played.

Q. Which is the best mosquito repellent to use at the soccer games?

Insect repellents containing DEET have been tested and approved as safe and effective for kids, but you should take some precautions with them.

Choose a repellent with no more than 10% to 30% concentration of DEET (look for N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide on the label). Use lower concentrations if kids will be outside only for an hour or two. If they're outside longer, consider using a repellent with a higher concentration of DEET. (The higher concentration means that it will last longer.)


Q. What should I bring to the soccer game?

We recommend that to make the game comfortable, bring weather appropriate attire, camping chairs to sit on, and water for you and your child to drink.

Q. How can I become a sponsor?

For sponsorship opportunities, please see our information page or download our information kit here.