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Photo Shoot Schedule

Players should show up at least 15 minutes early dressed in jerseys and ready to smile!

The photos will be taken near the playground by field EP - B.
If anyone cannot make their scheduled date, please contact the photographer, Giselle Albert, at
Giselle needs rosters for each team to be submitted to with jersey numbers and the correct spelling of the player's names by May 13th.
Tuesday May 17, 2016
Photographer #1
 Time  Team Name
 5:15pm  U4 Hurricanes
 5:30pm U8 Rattlers
 5:45pm  U4 Twisters
 6:00pm  U8 Cobras
 6:15pm  U8 Pythons
 6:30pm  U12 Huskies

Photographer #2
 Time  Team Name
 5:15pm -
 5:30pm U8 Wolves
 5:45pm  U4 Blizzards
 6:00pm U4 Typhoons
 6:15pm  U8 Cougars
 6:30pm  U19 Dinosaurs

Wednesday May 18, 2016
Photographer #1
 Time  Team Name
 5:15pm  U14 Warriors
 5:30pm U6 Kodiaks
 5:45pm  U6 Polar Bears
 6:00pm  U6 Pandas
 6:15pm  U6 Grizzlies
 6:30pm  U4 Cyclones
Photographer #2
 Time  Team Name
 5:15pm  -
 5:30pm U10 Lions
 5:45pm  U6 Cubs
 6:00pm  U10 Tigers
 6:15pm  U6 Koalas
 6:30pm  U4 Tornadoes